The deposit is independent of the price of the lockers.

At the time of reserving process or picking up your product, LOCK&ROCK will ask you for an amount of five (5,00 €) as deposit.

Its main purpose is to cover the costs in any of the following incidents:

(i) loss of your key,

(ii) damage done to the locker, lock system or the key as long as it’s in your power, or

(iii) returning the locker key after the period established for the contracted service.

If none of the previously mentioned incidents occur during the time you’ve contracted Lock&Rock’s service, the deposit will be returned to you

The deposit will be paid in different ways depending of the event: in advance: credit card or paypal; during event: cash or festival coin (cashless), credit card, etc. The refund will do in one of this ways. In case of credit card or paypal, the refund will be paid a week after of event were finished. 

The user customer and accepts that, as long as the LOCKER is under the his/her responsibility, he/she must use it with care and, if it were in any way damaged, and the damages summed up more than the amount deposited, the customer will pay for the difference. L&R will have the right to initiate any legal measures it considers if damage was done in bad faith.

If the key is not returned within the contracted times, L&R will open the locker. Belongings found inside the LOCKER will be taken to L&R’s offices were they will be held for a maximum period of six (6) weeks. In order to get them back, it will be necessary to provide reliable proof of ownership of the property and assume any costs derived from the management of object left behind as well as any derived delivery costs. Once this deadline is up, documents found will be turned in to the lost & found section of Madrid’s local police. Other objects left behind will be destroyed. 

If, at the time of using the designated locker, the customer were to find any imperfections or flaws on the locker, he/she must notify this immediately to the member of the staff in charge at that time in order to fix it as son as possible. If the customer does not notify damages or flaws, he/she will be held accountable for them.

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