Lock&Rock system is this easy!:

1)  Reserve your locker online: Pay attention to the kind of Locker you're choosing, make sure it fulfills your needs because of the area it's located in (make sure it's in an area you'll be able to access).

2)  Bring your print@home at the event: You will receive a print@home when you fulfill the reserving process. Bring it to the event and give it to our staff in the L&R's area. Don't forget you'll need to show your ID!

3)  Pay the deposit, if you didn't pay on the reserving process: take your key and enjoy the service!. 

4)  When the event ends: return the key to our staff and get your deposit money back. (If deposit was payed during reserving process, money will back to your credit card or your paypal account on the next days after event).


* Unlimited access, as long as the area the lockers are in, is open to attendees. No lines, no time limits, open, store, close, open again...

Security. Make sure you have no incidents with your belongings. Keep them safe, enjoy the event and get back home with all your things! Only YOUR KEY opens YOUR LOCKER!

Total comfort. Keep your important stuff, the most valuable for you or what you don't need to carry on you all the times or... Keep all your belongings safe! and enjoy having all the space in your tent!

Share your locker and save money: Get a bigger locker than you need so that you can share it with a friend/s and reduce costs!: Everybody wins!

Advantages for clients:

- Private dressing room.

- Recharge all your electronic devices safely.

- Exclusive low cost gadgets.  

- Long working hours ensure a personalized service and all the help you may need.

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