December Producciones, S.L., owner of the “LOCK&ROCK” (L&R) Brand and services, offers to the goers of the events where L&R attends, storing their personal belongings in a secure way and/or  recharging their electronic devices through different systems. In order to achieve this, L&R offers the following possibilities:

I.1.      Renting your own space (“LOCKER”), in different sizes, some of them with a recharge USB wire inside, within the areas designated by L&R for the service. Arranged in blocks, grounded, individual locks and keys (or  personalized closing systems), in an isolated area, good lighting, protected and controlled by staff. The customer will have a personal, non-transferable key with which he/she will manage the locker. This system offers unlimited access for the user as long as the areas they’re located on are open to the audience.

I.2.     Deposit any personal belongings he/she may want, one by one, in storage managed by the traditional left luggage office system (“LEFT LUGGAGE”). Closed in space attended by L&R’s staff through a counter service. Access to the stored belongings will only be possible during the working times set by L&R and which will be duly notified in the area. And

I.3.       Renting or buying a "powerbank" or electronic devices portable recharger. Powerbank-CHARGE&ROCK has between 2,2 and 4 mAh capacity, which it means more than enough to charge completely mobile phones as Android or Iphone. For Tablets, small cameras and other small devices Powerbank-CHARGE&ROCK is able to charge between 65% and 100% depending on the kind of device connected. Powerbank-CHARGE&ROCK is delivered with a wire which has a regular USB connector to the Power Bank and a microUSB connector to device.

Care & Conditions of Powerbank's use: External batteries “Powerbank” are electronic devices, therefore should be treated with caution and take into account the following points:


  • The loading process for Smartphones, tablets, etc., must be carried out on flat surfaces and should not be subject to sudden movements.
  • Avoid hitting and/or scratch the powerbank. 
  • Do not try to remove the powerbank. 


  • It is important to maintain the Powerbank away from high temperatures. Never leave a battery inside the car, or in tents, nor directly exposed to the sun.
  • Do not put to upload electronic devices within a backpack or a bag. 


  • Do not leave the battery in an area of high humidity, because a Powerbank is an electrical device and has to be kept in a dry place.
  • Avoid spills on the powerbank. Cannot be wet with any kind of liquid.
  • If by accident the Powerbank has fallen into the water does not revert back to it, because it is dangerous to connect it to a power source or start a process of load. 
    Maintain the Powerbank away from mud, sand and similar materials.
Lock&Rock decline all responsability over the Powerbank device from the moment it's given to the user



The acts of hiring any of the services offered by L&R imply the immediate acceptance of the following conditions:


  1. Services hired from L&R are personal and non-transferable. At the times of hiring and ending the service, presentation of a valid ID (Passport or driver’s license) will be necessary to identify the customer.     
  2. Hiring any of L&R’s services does not include a ticket or access to the event or any of the areas in which the event offers its services. Tickets for the event in which L&R offers its services must be bought through their official sales channels. Look them up in the event’s official Web page.
  3. You will not be allowed to access, use or enjoy L&R’s services in areas with restricted access unless you have the necessary accreditations to enter the area (or corresponding access identification) even if you have previously bought and paid for L&R’s services.



iv.      L&R is safe and counts with qualified staff to guarantee the control of the area in which services are held. However, L&R is not a bank, or the lockers are safe deposit boxes. For this reason, belongings of high economic value should not be stored in L&R. These belongings include, but are not limited to, objects such as jewellery, art, important sums of money, etc. In any event, the customer will be responsible for the nature of the belongings stored in L&R.

v.     It is forbidden to use L&R to store materials or substances prohibited by the event’s Organization or that are illegal in accordance to event's country legislation. Materials and substances include, but are not limited to, weapons, sharp objects, flammable objects or explosives, unsanitary substances, chemical substances toxic or damaging to people or the environment, organic material, animals or any other element or substance that can damage or harm people or L&R’s infrastructure.

vi.      For safety reasons, all objects to be stored may be examined visually or manually by L&R’s staff and/or local and/or state law enforcement agents without previous warning. Any member of L&R’s staff or the event’s Organization may open stored belongings and objects if they have been warned by authorities through written or verbal means. If these searches were to happen, L&R and/or the event will not be held liable or responsible by the customer under any circumstance.


vii.     L&R will not be held responsible for the deterioration of belongings due to high temperatures, humidity, vandalism, acts of God, theft or any other causes not directly attributable to the staff working at L&R for the event, or the materials offered by L&R.


viii.    Once the payment for the services offered by L&R has taken place, CHANGES AND REFUNDS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED, even if the customer ends up using the service for a shorter amount of time than initially thought.

ix.      The customer understands and accepts that the time period contracted through L&R cannot be divided between the number of times the customer uses the service.

x.       There will be no refunds for users that have bought L&R’s service when they do not have access to the areas in which L&R services are located as stated in point ii and iii of this document.

xi.      If the event in which L&R offers its service is cancelled totally or partially, there will be no refunds for the payments received for L&R’s services.

xii.    No liability will be attributed to DECEMBER PRODUCCIONES SL, in its LOCK&ROCK’s service, for the delay or non-performance of the contracted services, in those cases in which the delay or non-compliance has been motivated as a result of: strikes, explosions, revolts, popular movements, riots, quarantine, restriction of the free movement of vehicles and/or people, sabotage, terrorism, civil or foreign war (declared or not), effects of radioactivity, accidents in the transport of materials or people or any other incidental or acts of god cases, for which DECEMBER PRODUCCIONES SL could not perform the L&R service, contracted by the user for the event.


xii.     The agreement between the end user and L&R begins when payment for the service is done and the service will therefore begin and end according to the types and time of services stipulated in point III (Service Areas) of this document. 

xiii.    The end user accepts and consents to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Madrid (Spain) with respect to any disputes arising out of these terms.


The customer understands and accepts that, upon the acceptance of these exclusive conditions, has read and has also understood and accepted the General Conditions of L&R’s services since they are a part of these.


i.        L&R offers the possibility of anticipated online purchases only for the locker services. To do so, the end user will access L&R’s website ( or the event’s official Web Page.

ii.       Once the payment is done with a credit card, L&R’s system will generate and send a document (“print at home”) in which the contracted services will be summarized. It will be necessary that the customer brings this document along with a valid ID (Passport or driver’s license) to the event. If the end user is a different person to the one who made the purchase, a photocopy of the buyer’s valid ID (Passport or driver’s license) will be needed to retrieve the key of the hired locker. Not presenting this documentation will automatically lead to the NON RECOGNITION of the person as a valid buyer of the L&R services.



iii.      The customer understands and accepts that he/she is hiring a closed space with a door and that he/she has a key (or other personal opening system) that will allow the free access to this space and that L&R cannot and should not control what happens with the content stored in its interior.

iv.      L&R will not be held responsible for the type, or value of the belongings stored in the lockers. For this reason, L&R will not be held liable for any damages the customers may suffer from the damage or loss of the stored belongings. Included in these, but not limited to, is the loss of transportation tickets (aeroplane, trains, etc), loss of any Jobs of businesses derived from the latter, car or home keys, etc.

v.       Under no circumstance will L&R have the obligation to economically compensate the customer for anything lost or stolen in the lockers.

vi.      The storage of liquids in the lockers is forbidden unless it’s enclosed in recipients that are hermetically sealed.



vii.     At the time of reserving in advance or picking up the LOCKER’S key, L&R will ask for FIVE Euros (5,00 €) as a deposit. This deposit is independent of the locker’s rental cost and payment for the service whether the service was paid before or during the event.

viii.    The deposit will cover the cost of any of the following events: (i) loss of the key, (ii) damage done to the locker, closing system or key the customer has had in his/her possession, or (iii) that the customer returns the key after the end of the contracted service. If any of these situations should take place, L&R will not refund the deposit.

ix.      The deposit will be paid in different ways depending of the event: in advance (credit card or paypal), cash or festival coin (cashless). And it will be returned in one of this ways after the contracted period is due and after confirming the locker is in perfect condition. In case of credit card or paypal, the refund will be paid a week after of event were finished. 

x.       The user customer and accepts that, as long as the LOCKER is under the his/her responsibility, he/she must use it with care and, if it were in any way damaged, and the damages summed up more than the amount deposited, the customer will pay for the difference. L&R will have the right to initiate any legal measures it considers if damage was done in bad faith.

xi.      If the key is not returned within the contracted times, L&R will open the locker. Belongings found inside the LOCKER will be taken to L&R’s offices were they will be held for a maximum period of six (6) weeks. In order to get them back, it will be necessary to provide reliable proof of ownership of the property and assume any costs derived from the management of object left behind as well as any derived delivery costs. Once this deadline is up, documents found will be turned in to the lost & found section of Madrid’s local police. Other objects left behind will be destroyed. 

xii.     We recommend you don’t share keys to avoid unexpected incidents, losses or damages made to the lockers by third parties and that could prevent the customer from accessing his/her locker or return of the deposit back.

xiii.    If, at the time of using the designated locker, the customer were to find any imperfections or flaws on the locker, he/she must notify this immediately to the member of the staff in charge at that time in order to fix it as son as possible. If the customer does not notify damages or flaws, he/she will be held accountable for them.

xiv.   As an exception to the policy regarding changes and cancellations described in L&R’s General Conditions, L&R will refund the charged amount (except corresponding management costs), to customers that have bought the service before the event was to take place only if the event was totally cancelled one week before L&R was to begin it’s service.



The customer understands and accepts that, upon the acceptance of these exclusive conditions, has read and has also understood and accepted the General Conditions of L&R’s services since they are a part of these. 



i.        L&R LEFT LUGGAGE OFFICE is a service L&R offers as an alternative to the LOCKER service with the objective of covering all demands in case L&R cannot provide enough lockers. For this reason, it’s not a service that may be available in all the areas L&R is working at. This service is not available for online purchases. Please inform yourself of L&R’s services in each area.

ii.       Depending on available capacities, each area with a LEFT LUGGAGE OFFICE will decide the maximum size of the objects that may be stored in the area. This size will always be related to the sizes offered by the L&R LOCKERS in each area.

iii.      Customers will only be allowed to store one piece per person and storage service.

iv.      At the time of hiring the LEFT LUGGAGE OFFICE service, L&R’s staff will give the customer a voucher/ticket/wristband that the customer must turn in along with a valid ID (Passport or driver’s license) in order to access the personal belonging stored for as long as the service is contracted, or when he/she decides to finalize this service. Loss of the ticket or non presentation of the ticket will automatically mean the customer will pay the maximum amount of time offered in the area.


v.       L&R has the insurance policy necessary to cover the LEFT LUGGAGE OFFICE exclusively for robberies, loss or damage done to deposited belongings as long as they are the responsibility of L&R. Coverage in these cases contemplates a maximum of FIFTY EUROS (50 €) per stored object be it a single object or an object stored with others. L&R will not be held liable, under any circumstance, for compensations above this amount.

vi.      If this situation should occur, the customer will send an e-mail to the e-mail address found at the end of these conditions and that he/she will be able to find in, including all the relevant information of the time in which any robberies, loss or damage of stored belongings happened (full name, Passport or driver’s license number, place, date, time, member of the staff that attended him/her and full description of the incident). You will also need to send us the report filed at the national police in case the incident was a robbery. L&R will send the customer, or through the customer’s insurance company, the resolution depending on each situation, as well as the way the compensation will be paid if the restitution is approved.

vii.     If a customer does not pick up the stored belongings after the service is finalized, L&R will inspect the stored items (if items were among the previously listed illegal objects, they will be immediately sent to the national police of the place in which the event is held) and they will be taken to L&R’s offices were they will be held for a maximum of six (6) weeks. In order to get them back, it will be necessary to provide reliable proof of ownership of the property and assume costs derived from management of left object as well as any derived delivery costs. Once this deadline is up, documents found will be turned in to the lost & found section of Madrid’s local police. Other objects left behind  will be destroyed.



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