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Q: What's the different between LOCKER and left luggage?
A: LOCKER is a closed space with an exclusive access for user. The lock system is through a key. Access to this space is unlimited while area where it's located stay open, and always is sold for the whole event. Left Luggage is the system to store belongings through our personnel. The user can access to their belongings during time L&R's staff are in the area. It's not always available in L&R's events because it's an alternative system, just when all LOCKERS are sold out, and normally it's sold day a day.

Q: What’s the difference between the products CHARGE&ROCK and S+CHARGE?
A: Both products are able to charge electronic devices. CHARGE&ROCK is a portable power bank so your mobile will be charging while you carry it. The wire has micro USB and regular USB's connectors. If you’d need another kind of connector you can buy it on the L&R’s stall.

S+CHARGE is a wire inside’s LOCKER. The wirehas a USB FEMALE connector able to connect your own wire device. Don't forget to bring your wire with you!

Q: Can I reserve my Lock&Rock Locker online? A: Of course! You can reserve it at

Q: Can I reserve the Left Luggage office service online? A: Sorry! LEFT LUGGAGE office service is offered as an alternative to the lockers, in order to give service to any possible demands that are not covered by the Locker service itself. For this reason, this service is not always available and it’s not reserved online.
Please inquire about these services in the different Lock&Rock areas.

Q: Can I reserve CHARGE&ROCK online?
A: This service is not always available in all event’s where we’re attending to. If you can’t find it on L&R’s website event’s section, please, inquire about these services in the different Lock&Rock areas when you’re arriving to the event.

Q: I’m not the one who paying for my Locker/service reservation online, but I will be the end user. Anything I should be aware of? A: Yes, when you go pick your key or product up, you will need to show a valid ID (Passport or Driver’s license) and a photocopy of the credit card owner who made the locker reservation for you. It’s also MANDATORY that you bring your print@home with you.

Q: What happens if I don’t see all products on the Web for the event I’m going to? A: This means that whatever product you’re looking for is either not for reserve yet, if this is the case, please be patient, we’ll announce when they’re available to be reserved. If it’s sold out for online purchases. Ask to see if you’ll be able to reserve them when you get to the event’s Lock&Rock's areas. You may also enquire about availability for our Left Luggage Office service.

Q: All Lockers reservations are sold out, where will I be able to store my things? A: Ask our staff, if there have been any cancellations on previously reserved lockers. Also, we offers an alternative Left Luggage Office Service, in some of our areas. Please ask the schedule for this service. Schedules are more limited than the Locker service, but you’ll be able to keep your things safe. This service is not offered at all the Lock&Rock areas, so please ask for it’s location and rest of the information.

Q: I didn’t receive my print@home when I finished my online reservation. What should I do? A: Check it here. If iyou didn't solve it, please contact us with your purchase reference code. You HAVE to bring the print@home with you, make sure you print it out!

Q: I have gotten a Reference number but not a print@home. A: To make an online reservation, first you have to register as a customer of L&R. At this point, you’ll receive a number. This does NOT mean you have reserved your locker, it only means you have registered in our Web’s database.
To get your print@home, you must finish the reserving process and the mails will lead you through.

Q: When reserving the locker online… I reserved a locker in the wrong area; I reserved the wrong locker or, by mistake, reserved more lockers than I need… A: PLEASE, AT THE TIME OF RESERVING YOUR LOCKER, PAY ATTENTION TO THE LOCKER TYPE YOU’RE CHOOSING AND WHERE IT’S LOCATED!
Make sure it fulfils your needs and that it’s in an area you’ll be able to access.
If you’ve made a mistake, contact us as soon as possible or head over to the Lock&Rock office in the event. Although we do NOT ADMIT CHANGES OR REFUNDS, we will try to help you.

Q: I reserved a locker/service for the full period but will finally only be some days. Can I get money back for the days I won’t be using the locker? A: Lock&Rock purchases cannot be proportionally divided between the number of days you end up using the service. Please, make sure you look through all our products and reserve the service that best suits your needs. We will NOT refund you for the days you don’t use the locker.

Q: If I finally can’t go to the event, will you return my money? A: Once the event has begun, we CANNOT return your money.
For this reason, as soon as you find out you will NOT be able to go to the event, get in touch with us as soon as possible so that we can cancel your order and someone else can use it. We will return your money once the event is over (booking costs will not be returned).


Q: What are LOCK&ROCK’s running times in each area/events it provides service at? A: Please check the information sheet that you’ll find in event's section of our Web. You’ll be able to see all information updated re prices, schedules and rest of the information you’ll need to know about our service at the event.

Q: Where is the LOCK&ROCK office in case I have any problems? A: Please read the answer to the previous question. In our Web you’ll be able to see the maps and our location in each area.

Q: Can I reserve a locker or power bank at the event? A: Maybe. We have a limited number of lockers and power banks, it’s very likely that all products are reserved before the event. If this is so, there will be no lockers or power banks available for you to reserve (unless we have any last minute order cancellations). If you reserve your product now, you have the service guaranteed throughout the festival.

Q: Locker reservations are sold out. Where can I store my belongings? A: Please ask our staff if there have been any cancellations. Besides the Lockers, Lock&Rock offers a Left Luggage Office service in some of the areas in which L&R is located. Please ask about this service and the areas in which it’s offered. The Left Luggage Office working hours are more limited than the locker service. Please ask our L&R staff the working times. Please keep in mind this service is not offered at all L&R’s points of service.

Q: Can I share my locker with other people? A: Of course! Lockers are YOUR OWN PERSONAL SPACE at the event and you’ll be able to store anything (as long as they comply with the Terms and Conditions) be it yours or your friend’s. What we do advise is that you control the key so as to prevent any losses.

Q: My power bank-CHARGE&ROCK is empty! A: Easy. Bring the empty one to L&R’s stall during the attending hours and get other totally full.

Q: What documents do I need to take with me when picking up my key or my power bank? A: If you’ve personally reserved your product online, you need to take your print@home (mandatory) and a valid ID (passport or driver’s license). If someone else has reserved the product for you, you’ll also need to bring a photocopy of the ID of the person who bought it with his/her credit card (passport or Dirver’s license).

Q: Another person paid the reservation of my product for me. What do I need to bring with me when picking up the key? A: Please read the answer to the previous question.

Q: Can I reserve a locker and use it if I don’t have access to the festival? A: NO! Lock&Rock’s services are located in the different areas of the event. If you don’t have a wristband or valid pass to access the areas the event is held in, we will not be able to give you any service.

Q: I have lost my key or my power bank… A: Please keep on reading.

Q: Why do you have a deposit, how much is it and how do I have to pay for it? A: The deposit is independent of the price of the lockers or power banks. Its main purpose is to cover the costs in any of the following incidents: (i) loss of your key or power bank, (ii) damage done to the locker, lock system, power bank or the key as long as it’s in your power, or (iii) returning the locker key or power bank after the period established for the contracted service.
At the time of reserving process or picking up your product, our staff will ask for an amount of 5€ (for keys) or 10€ - 15€ (for power banks) as deposit in cash. If none of the previously mentioned incidents occur during the time you’ve contracted Lock&Rock’s service, the deposit will be returned to you in same way that you payed: cash, credit card or paypal.

Q: What happens if I have to leave in a hurry and I don’t have time to take the things I have in my locker? A: Any belongings left behind in the lockers will be taken to the Lost&Found event's office or (in the events doesn't have) to the Lock&Rock central offices. We will be kept for a maximum of 6 weeks, after this period, the documents will be sent to the Police and stuff will be destroy. In order to get them back, you will have to prove ownership of the requested items and assume management, mailing and other possible costs derived from the return of belongings.

Q: What happens if I forget my print@home? A: Please don’t ask this question. We need you to print out your print@home and bring it with you! It’s the confirmation of your purchase and your own personal locker!

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